Case Studies

  • Low-back pain

  • David is a 50 year old teacher who has had several episodes of lower back pain over many years. Usually the symptoms start for no obvious reason or sometimes a simple bend or twist can be enough to provoke severe pain. On each occasion he has found that osteopathic treatment has been helpful. During his first visit his osteopath assessed his movements and examined his back and explained that one of the joints in his lower back had stiffened and the surrounding muscles had gone into spasm. David had three sessions of treatment and was given gentle exercises and postural advice to maintain the mobility in his lower back. He was fine for over six years until another episode required treatment and again he recovered quickly over the course of three sessions.


  • Arthritis (osteoarthritis)

  • A testimonial from a 68 year old lady who has been attending the practice for several years;
    "I have been a regular visitor to the practice for the last 15 years. Most people just need a few sessions and the bad back, stiff neck or whatever the problem is, resolves after the specialist treatments received.
    However for some people, me included, osteoarthritis is a long term problem which can need regular doses of physical therapy just to keep you as mobile as possible.
    I need crutches to get around on so as well as the ache from my hips, often my back, shoulders, and hands complain about the amount of extra work they have to do.
    On a first visit a full medical history is taken which gives the osteopath the information he/she needs to treat the painful areas correctly.
    If he/she feels that osteopathy is not what you need then they will refer you back to your GP or Consultant. Visiting the practice is far more than just having a physical treatment, be it massage, manipulation and even on occasion acupuncture. A discussion about world affairs, politics, families, holidays and even whatever it is that you're worrying about, takes place as you lie on the treatment couch. If your need is for silence then that too is respected.
    Advice and information about exercises and how to prevent further episodes of your problem are offered. I know without any doubt that if it hadn't been for my visits to the practice, then my mobility today would have been far less than it is now and I would probably be getting around in a wheelchair.
    I cannot recommend the Workington Osteopathic practice highly enough for the work that it does to keep people like myself as mobile and independent for as long as possible."


  • Foot pain

  • Evelyn had suffered with pain and swelling in her right foot for 18 months that had severely reduced her ability to walk and had drastically curtailed her social activities. The resulting limp had aggravated her other foot and already troublesome right knee and the foot discomfort had dictated an increasingly limited choice of footwear. Her osteopath found that the ankle joint and other joints in her right foot had become stiff and this was preventing the whole foot from moving correctly during walking. Extra strain was thus being put upon the right knee and she was favouring the other foot when standing and walking. Manual treatment combined with exercises helped restore normal function in all the affected joints.

    Evelyn's comments at the conclusion of her treatment;
    "A friend recommended osteopathy to me as I was experiencing swollen, painful feet and legs and found walking impossible.
    I am delighted to say that after 5 weeks treatment I am wearing normal shoes, can walk with ease and now look forward to normal day to day activities. I would recommend osteopathy to anyone with the problems I had."



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